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What to know about "Ashley's Pissed - EP"

Updated: May 25, 2022

F!SHBOWL's latest EP, titled after the first song they ever wrote together, is a showcase of where the five members are at, as well as the potential they have to be a big name in music in the future. The mixture between the indie and alternative genres is what gives this EP life.

With track 1, Ashley's Pissed is the song that started in all. Created in the apartment living room of the two guitarist's apartment, the opening riff was one they knew would catch people's attention from the beginning. With this song, the goal was simple: Bring the vibes, and give people what they've been missing from music for years. The song started with Noah Skrinak, rhythm guitarist, playing the band his opening riff. After that, the rest was history, and the band solidified that they would be playing together for a long time.

Track 2, I'd Fall, is where the band showcased their ability to create within the studio. After only a few hours of recording in the books, the band came together to embellish their creation with just about every bell and whistle they could. This song was written when lead guitarist, Riley VanNortwick, came to the band with the chord progression that would carry through the song in its entirety.

Track 3 was F!SHBOWL's first ever single. High Tops found instant success when a recording by the band's first social media advisor, Makayla Logsdon, amassed over 250,000 views on TikTok. The band was then determined to bring the fans what they wanted as soon as they could. This was every member's first song recorded in studio, and the band's producer, Keith Meenan of Make It Now! Productions, led them in that process. The song is still a fan favorite across the world, and for many reasons. Between the ear-catching vocals from singer Justin Bullock, and the heavy-hitting drums fills from the band's former drummer Drew Cabano, there's too many elements of the song to love.

At track 4, and technically the "last" song of the EP, 5:30 is the song that many consider the "sound" of F!SHBOWL. Guitarist Noah Skrinak was messing with his guitar and capo placement when he stumbled upon what almost sounded like a Latin Romance song. After consulting with the band (and many changes made), the band found a Strokes-like sound with powerful movement. Singer Justin Bullock masterfully wrote his lyrics in a way where most audience members can learn the words by the halfway point of the song. Genius!

Labelled as a demo, Visions was in fact not even supposed to be on the EP. If you have ever wondered why it sounds so different from everything else in the project, it is because it was recorded in a room with one mic. That's right, ONE MIC. This take of the song was so good, however, that the band decided to include it in the final product of the EP. The jazz-like feel is what catches people off-guard. Funny enough, there is no bass in this recording, and the room was not treated for sound at all. Despite all of this, though, many consider this song their favorite.

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