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W.W.J.D. Explained

Updated: Jan 31

W.W.J.D. is a song the band created at a very odd time.

With no place to practice and the demand for shows increasing, the band took desperate measures. They ended up playing in the basement of a house that was being moved out of in their hometown of Rexburg, ID. When they got there, they sensed a new energy to be harnessed, but what to create from it was an absolute mystery.

The band decided they were going to take a harder, meaner sound then what hey had created when they first formed. Heavily distorted tones, screaming vocals, heavy hitting on the drums, and bass lines that would drive each and every part were a necessity.

After brainstorming for over an hour, the band finally created the song, but they weren't done yet! The song was taken to studio, where it was reimagined and almost recreated in a way. Inspired by the album, Van Weezer, F!SHBOWL took advantage of as much as they could, adding multiple guitar tracks, harmonies, and synths.

Be sure to presave the song on Spotify and Apple Music and hear it first on May 26, 2022!

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